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Its ingredient acts as agent to remove toxin from body and increase immune system, vitality and also restore your system. Can absorb toxin, reduce muscle and joint pain, relieve GOUT pain, improve blood circulation, reduce asthma allergic, headaches and migrane cure, improve vitality, help sleeping, reduce stress, improve digestion, and improve the immune system, preventing the body and foot odor, help to lose weight.

1 - 9 pcs = RM 1.50 per piece
10 - 99 pcs = RM 1.00 per piece

(Loose Pack)
100 - 199 pcs = RM 0.75 per piece
200 - 299 pcs = RM 0.70 per piece
300 - 399 pcs = RM 0.65 per piece
400 - 499 pcs = RM 0.60 per piece
500 pcs and above = RM 0.55 per piece

The basic ingredients of herbs act to remove toxins from the body. Gold Series is recommend for effective weight loss and overcome fatigue, headaches, visual layer, circulation, skin problems and stress.

1 - 9 pcs = RM 2.00 per piece
10 - 99 pcs = RM 1.50 per piece

(Loose Pack)
100 - 199 pcs = RM 1.00 per piece
200 - 299 pcs = RM 0.95 per piece
300 - 399 pcs = RM 0.90 per piece
400 - 499 pcs = RM 0.85 per piece
500 pcs and above = RM 0.80 per piece


Detox Foot Patches works like osmotic pressure in plants. Heat from the removal of toxins in the feet helps the absorption of toxins out of your feet. Footprint is the place where the end of the nervous system in the body. The infrared rays produced from the Detox Foot Patches enhance vasolidasi thermal that smoothen the movement of the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and smoothen the movement of liquid wastes from the body.

Natural Bamboo Extract Powder, Natural Mineral Fine Powder, Loquat Leaves, Tourmanline, Trace Elements, Chitin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Orange Essential Oil, etc.

• Helps absorb toxic waste in the body.
• Relieves muscle and joint aches.
• Relieve GOUT pain.
• Improve blood circulation.
• Reduce allergy (asthma and other allergies)
• Cure headache and migrane.
• Improve fitness
• Helps sleep.
• Reduce stress.
• Improved digestio.
• Enhance immune syste.
• Prevents the body and foot odor.
• Help reduce weight.

Children below 12 years old, pregnant women and breastfeed mother are NOT ALLOWED to wear foot patch.

1. Drink a glass of water before using the Detox Patch.
2. Use Detox Patch before going to bed for 6 or 8 hours for maximum effectiveness.
3. Detox Patches can also be posted on the palms of the hands or any body parts that hurt like thighs, knees, hips, stomach and arms.
4. Control diet and good sleep to get maximum results.
5. Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mother and patients with chronic diseases.
6. Stop using the Detox Patch if you have allergies.
7. Store at cool and dry temperatures.
8. Keep away from children.
9. Make sure Detox Patches that have been used are properly discarded.
1 - Make sure your foot are clean.
2 - Open the white sticker.
3 - Shake the Detox Patch so the herbs are evenly spread.
4 - Paste the side with writing to the sticker.
5 - Paste it in the center, front or back of your foot.